Tax Services

  Federal 1040, 1040A (Individual) basic
$ 45.00
  Electronic Filing (Federal) add
$ 5.00
  State Returns (most States) each  
$ 5.00
and up
  Electronic filing (each State) add
$ 4.00
  Interest & Dividends  
$ 10.00
and up
  Child Care Credit, Education Credits add
$ 5.00
  Itemized Deductions - Schedule A  
$ 10.00
and up
  Non-Cash Charitable Contributions over $500 included
$ 0.00
  Schedule C  
$ 30.00
and up
  Schedule D  
$ 15.00
and up
  Other Schedules E, EIC, F,SE, etc... starting
$ 10.00
Federal 1040EZ basic
$ 15.00
  Business Tax Returns (1120, 1120S, 1065) starting
$ 300.00
  State Business Tax Returns (per State)  
$ 50.00
and up
Other Forms if required  
$ 5.00
and up

Personal taxes are usually prepared by a tax preparer, business tax returns are done by a CPA.

Contact us for more information on fees, payments, and Discounts. To e-file a signature or signatures are needed on form 8879 FED and State, this can be done by FAX - (626) 384-3352 - and/or secure EMail. We do require a $25.00 deposit to start.

We are bonded according to the California Tax Education Council ("Must maintain a $5,000 Tax Preparer Bond issued by a surety company admitted to do business in California. A tax preparer shall provide to the surety company proof that he or she is at least 18 years of age before a bond can be issued").

IRS e-file is electronic mailing of individual and business tax returns to the IRS. You can also electronically file most state tax returns with the federal return. Most states will allow separate Electronic filing (except AR, HI, OK and OR). This may come in handy if you owe the IRS and get money back from the state (or visa versa), in this case you could file first with the Tax agency that owes you money that will help you pay your tax liability.

Electronic filing is the fastest way to file tax returns. I considerably speeds up the refund process even faster when you have it directly deposited to your bank account (savings or checking).

Why should you file electronically?

  • It automates the process for faster refunds.
  • It is more accurate.
  • You get automated confirmation that your return has been accepted
  • You get notification usually within 24 hours if there is an error with SS numbers (IRS).

How long do you have to wait for your refund? With direct Deposit our clients have gotten their refund back in as little as 10 working days

I you have a balance due you can electronically pay (from checking or savings account) at the time you e-file or schedule payment on or before the due date (usually April 15). Tax due payments can also be made by credit card thru "Official Payments".

Alaska, Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota do not require state tax.

States that have Community Property laws. Residents of these states cannot file electronically if they are married and filing separately. Community Property States are Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wisconsin


Our tax services are very compatible. We have prepared tax returns since 1990. We can come to your location (Los Angeles Area) or do everything by FAX, Telephone, or secured E-Mail.

Discounts for Students, Military personnel, and return Clients.


Payment Options: Pay securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal (Rudi@linkline.com)

Pay securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal!visa/mastercard

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Individual/Business Federal and most States income Tax returns.
E-File - Direct Deposit. We adhere to the CTEC code of Ethics.
Discounts for Military personnel, Students, and last year Clients.
We provide objective solutions for your computer needs.
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