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Intel or AMD Platform.

There are many choices to Meet Every Budget. If you are looking for a MAC it maybe very cumbersome to build it yourself, however, according to some web sites it is possible. How do you want to use the computer, surfing the Internet, financial records, word processing, school/educational projects, or just games?

What you need:

  • CPU and Motherboard, CPU (Intel or AMD) (if you buy a retail CPU, it comes with a Heatsink/Fan an OEM does not).

  • Hard drive, we suggest 250GB minimum Sata drives or you can opt for a more expensive but faster Solid State drive.

  • Video Card (Almost all motherboards come with it integrated). If you are a Gamer, you probably want a better video card than the one integrated into the motherboard. Top of the line Video cards can be more expensive that a beginners computer.

  • Sound Card (Almost all motherboards come with it integrated), Ethernet card (most motherboards have them build in), modem (optional) most users have broadband.

  • RAM that works with the motherboard (I suggest 4GB minimum in matching pairs). If you do a lot of photo editing and creating video you probably will need 16GB. Programs like Dreamweaver, Photoshop probably require a minimum of 2GB, my suggestion is to double the minimum requirement. A 32-bit system will only read up to 4GB of RAM, you will need to install a 64-bit system to use more than 4GB of RAM.

  • Computer case - Desktop or Tower - I suggest a case with at least one large case fan. Cases can come with or without power supply, look for one with at least a 400-watt power supply.

  • CD/DVD Drive or CD/DVD burner, Floppy (optional). Some operating systems require a DVD for installation.

  • Operating System if you do not already have one that can be used.

  • Operating system can be a big expense if you decide on Microsoft. You can opt for LINUX or LINUX Ubuntu but I do not suggest this for the novice. Please read the facts about LINUX

  • If you go with Windows, you can save money if you buy OEM, but keep in mind that an OEM is "married" to the system it is originally installed on while a "Retail" version can be transferred when you upgrade.

  • Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers (speakers can range from $10.00 to over a $100.00), Monitor (I suggest a LCD - less heat and saves space).

  • If you have broadband Internet service and have more than one computer, you may need a Router unless your broadband provider gave you a modem with a Router build-in. Please contact us for more information on networking.

  • After you get your system running look for software that fit your budget, Word processors can be very expensive. However, there are some good ones that are compatible with "MS Word" for free or a fraction of the cost. There are free games and expensive games, some games require a subscription in order to play on the Internet.

There are may web sites you can get information from like TomsHardware.com or contact us.

What can you save by building your own computer? You save not only money but you also get better quality components for the same money or less. By picking the parts and building a computer, you will have a system that suits your needs.

Complete systems have warranties so do components some more some less. Ram for instance can have a lifetime warranty. Click here for "Gigabyte" warranty policies. You can get the components from many stores.

Checkout their warranty and return policies for computer related items. I use NewEgg.com (mail order only). I go to Frys Electronics if I need a component right away or get them from a private computer store in North Hollywood (many times they beat NewEgg's prices).

Whatever you decide if you need help please contact us. If you buy all the components needed we can put the system together for around $50.00. Please contact us for more information.


We are re-sellers for Readyhosting .com. The yearly cost is $49.50, or you can buy in an become a re-seller. There is an optional maintenance fee, please contact us for more information. The following are features of the plan you get for $49.50.

OnePlan Windows Hosting Detail 100 GB Web space 1000 GB data transfer Unlimited mailboxes Unlimited e-mail aliases Unlimited autoresponders Instant setup! Web-based e-mail 24/7 customer support FTP access 30-day money-back guarantee ASP 2.0/3.0 support with AJAX Web site statistics FrontPage 2003 extensions ShopSite Starter 5 MySQL Databases MS Access Database access CGI/Perl Password protected directories Server Side Includes (.stm,.shtm,.shtml) RealAudio/Video PHP server extensions SSL security Control Panel ASP upload component $50 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits $30 Google AdWords Credit Rate Point.

What's Included? Windows Web-hosting plans include all the features you are looking for at an affordable price. ColdFusion Support* ASP.NET 2.0/3.0 with AJAX CGI Library, PHP & more FrontPage Extensions Shockwave and Flash Support Discounts on other plans E-Commerce Ready Blogs & Forums Customizable Control Panel Search Engine Analyzer 5 MySQL Databases Custom Error Pages Web Site Statistics Unlimited Mailboxes.

As a Client with a maintenance fee we can help you with templates and start-up your site. We can also help you set up a Blogs site powered by WordPress. Here are some samples.

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